Harvest Box FAQ's

Our 2023 Season starts around the first week in June. 

Head over to our Shop Products page Once you fill out the form, we’ll email you a confirmation and a welcome email within two business days.

A Harvest Box share is a weekly harvest of seasonal veggies and herbs.

Harvest Box (CSA) Farm Shares are different.  

They’re built upon relationships, and though it’s called community supported agriculture, the CSA model truly supports you as a member by supporting your health, respecting your input, and offering a direct connection to the fields.

At Little Gems, we listen to our members.  We get to know what your favorite crops are, what you want more or less of, and we work all of this into our crop planning.  And, because we grow almost exclusively for our members (80% of our business is CSA), you receive the best of the harvest every week (no shipping the pretty produce off through wholesalers or to the farmers market).

Yes and no. While some items will be pre-planned for you, we are venturing to add choice to most weekly shares. We’ll always let you know what choices are available in the weekly harvest list we email out before the delivery/ pick up date. 

The weather can play a factor into what’s ready for the week, and can require us to change the boxes contents at the time of boxing. 

That varies per family. Some find that the regular box feeds the 1-4 family size for the week and some like the a bit more veggies for the week. 

If you know you’re going to miss pick-up/drop off, you have three options:
1. Have a friend pick-up for you
2. Contact us at least 1 day before hand to switch your pick up day.
3. Donate your share to the  Food Bank,  a family that could use it or have a family member or friend pick it up.

You can pay with cash, e-transfer or by credit card. 

You can pay in full, or you are welcome to Pay the 50% to hold your spot and pay the remaining anytime before the week before the first Harvest Box delivery.